Quick Answer: What Will Be The Molality Of A Solution Having 18g Of Glucose Dissolved In 500g Of Water?

What is Molality formula?

Formulas Needed for Problem Solving The unit of molality is, therefore, expressed in moles per kilogram.

The formula for molality is m = moles of solute / kilograms of solvent..

What is the molality of a solution which contains 36 g of glucose in 250g of water?

=(36g)(180 g mol-1)×(0.25kg)=0.8mol kg-1=0.8m.

When 10g of Naoh is dissolved in 500g of water calculate the molality of the solution?

1 Answer. Ernest Z. The molality is 0.50 mol/kg.

What is the molality of glucose?

1 Answer. The molality is 1.42 mol/kg, or 1.42 m. Molality, m, is the moles of solute divided by the mass in kg of solvent.

What will be the molality of a solution of glucose in water which is 10 weight by weight?

10% by weight solution of glucose means in 100 g of solution there are 10 g of glucose and 90 g of water. The molality of the solution is 0.6172 mol/kg.