Quick Answer: Which Indian SIM Works In Thailand?

Can I use Whatsapp in Thailand?

Mobile phone/Whatsapp.

As long you are connected to the internet you can use Whatsapp regardless where you are.

So you may use wifi connection on most places in Thailand or buy SIM card to your phone..

Is Jio international call free?

calls made internationally are not free but prices are too low as compared to any other telecom service provider. 2-Voice calls to US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan just Rs 3 per minute.

Can I use my mobile in Thailand?

You can swap your SIM as needed. Best is to get your iPhone unlocked and put in a Thai SIM card. You can get a package with 6GB high speed data including 100 baht calling credit for 600 baht from all three network operators. I’d try first to get your phone unlocked before buying another phone.

Does Jio SIM work in Thailand?

Unlimited packs offered by Jio are valid in Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Which network works in Thailand?

There are three cell networks in Thailand, operated by dtac, AIS, and TrueMove. While you can also buy SIM cards and service from resellers, there’s little point in doing so for most tourists and other short-term visitors.

Which mobile network is best in Thailand?

The report ranks Thailand’s three main carriers AIS, Dtac and TrueMove, ranking them on which has the best 3G and 4G speeds, availability and latency. According to the report, TrueMove can out on top, with the firm either winning out right or tieing all the national awards.

How do I get Internet in Thailand?

To get Internet in Thailand you have basically 3 options :With a Wi-Fi (or cable) Connection : Your hotel, restaurant or café may provide you with a Wi-Fi connection (or a cable connection). … With a Local Sim of one of the cell phone Networks. … With the Sim Card of your country.

How much is data in Thailand?

A lot of these SIM plans are aimed at Thai customers, offering free internet use of certain apps, like Facebook, LINE, YouTube and Thai-only music and video streaming services. SIM cards are typically 50 baht plus any options you may activate. The Traveller/Tourist SIMs are 299 baht upwards.

Does Indian Jio SIM work in Nepal?

Jio’s International Roaming (IR) services are not available in Nepal however ISD services will work if one wishes to make calls from India to numbers in Nepal. The following answer is edited as Jio has started providing international roaming facilities for Nepal. To know more about the rates visit the Jio website.

Which SIM card is best for Thailand?

Why is Tourist SIM 599 the best sim card package for Thailand tourists?The most popular Thai SIM from the most popular company (TrueMove).599-baht one-time purchase.8 GB of high-speed Internet (2 GB more than DTAC/AIS)50 baht (50 minutes) of free calls.Countrywide cellular/4G coverage.More items…

Can I use Indian debit in Thailand?

You can withdraw cash from an ATM in Thailand using Indian debit cards. Your card should be VISA or MASTERCARD. … Even if your card says international debit card you would still have to activate international use either online or through mobile banking. You would have to pay currency conversion charges + service tax.

How much INR can I carry to Thailand?

Re: How much INR i can carry from India to Thailand. You can carry as much money as you like into Thailand. If you are carrying more than USD20,000 or its foreign currency equivalent, you must declare this to a Customs Officer on arrival and fill in a declaration form.

Which Indian SIM is best for international roaming?

Reliance Jio Rs 575 pack offers 100 mins per day outgoing calls and 250 MB high-speed per day data.Here are the international prepaid roaming packs in details:Reliance Jio international roaming packs in detail:More items…•

How do I get data in Thailand?

There are three main cell service providers in Thailand: AIS (also known as One-2-Call, DTAC and Truemove. All offer ‘pay as you go’ deals for short and long term travelers and have 3g/4g capability. Popular plans include daily, weekly and monthly deals that suit pretty much any traveler’s schedule.