What Do You Mean By Provisioning?

What does provisioning access mean?

Access provisioning involves coordinating creation of user accounts, password management, email authorizations, and other tasks (e.g.

provisioning of physical resources associated with enabling new users).

A user may be granted the ability to view, create, or modify files based on specific security and role parameters..

What is a provisioning message?

OMA CP stands for Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning. … The process of sending an OMA CP message is called “provisioning,” and takes place every time a new device is connected to a mobile operator’s network, or when the mobile telco makes changes to its internal systems.

What does provisioning service mean?

Service provisioning is the process of setting up a service for a customer. The term is associated with the telecom industry and cloud infrastructure but can apply to other industries as well.

What does device provisioning mean?

Device provisioning is the process of attaching a certificate to the device identity. Device identity (or in short – device ID) is similar to user identity, but is used to uniquely identify a specific device. Device identity is essential for various features, such as.

What is the meaning of provisioning in banking?

What is provisioning? Under provisioning, banks have to set aside or provide funds to a prescribed percentage of their bad assets. The percentage of bad asset that has to be ‘provided for’ is called provisioning coverage ratio.